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Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Hello Everyone, I hope You're doing ok! Yesterday I took Part in the World Body Painting Festivals Face Painting Competition and I thought today I would share my piece with you and talk about the process!

Yesterday I should have been flying out to Austria to compete in both the world face painting competition and world brush and sponge body painting competition. However, due to the current situation, they had to postpone this years event, and created an online 'Covid Edition' where people can take part virtually from home, or in countries where it is allowed, in hot spots with multiple painters and models. At the moment in the UK we are not allowed to perform close contact services on anyone outside of our house hold (as far as I understand!) so I decided to paint myself. On Friday, I will be painting Alex for the Brush and Sponge Body Painting competition, so I will do a write-up for that next week!

Wonders of nature, Face Paint by Mazz Loxton, The Mobile Painting Parlour, Sheffield

The theme for the face painting competition was 'Wonders of Nature' and after a LOT of debate, I decided to use the water cycle as my concept. The competition had been in the back of my mind for a few weeks, and because I had been busy with some online hair training, I hadn't really had the time to sit down and think about what I was going to paint until the Saturday before the competition. Part of the process for me is going through images from the competition in previous years, seeing which designs I like and which ones I don't, and thinking about why the ones that did well were so successful. I then started to think about what my concept would be. Whenever I do competition pieces, I try to think about really creative ideas. In a competition with over 140 entries, your design has to stand out from everyone else's. I've done well in the past based on my interpretation of the theme, but now that I've grown as an artist, and am competing amongst other professionals that have been doing this a lot longer than I have, I can't just rely on that aspect. We are judged on our interpretation of the theme, composition and over all impression, and the quality and technique of our painting. In order to be successful you have to score well in each of these areas. Whilst I'm by no means expecting to win, or even come close to the top 10, I'm really pleased with what I created.

We had three hours to paint our pieces. Usually we are allowed 2 hours, but they gave an extra hour to allow time for those who had no choice but to paint themselves, and to allow extra time for us to take photos in the process, and take part in the technological aspect of the competition. We had to be part of a Jitsi Chatroom so they could watch us painting, their way of making sure we were following the guidelines and not cheating by using assistants etc. We also had to take 6 photos of the process, one at the very beginning so they could see our start time from the image data, one at the end so they could see our finish time and make sure we stuck to the competition timings, and photos in between, before taking photos against a black background

Wonders of nature, Face Paint by Mazz Loxton, The Mobile Painting Parlour, Sheffield

Some of the other ideas I went through and actually practiced were crystal and moon magic, and death and rebirth. I didn't land on the water cycle until about 7pm the day before the competition! Below is a little gallery of the other designs I practiced so you can get an idea of my creative process. So much of this is trying ideas, seeing what works, and then taking inspiration from that to move forwards.

When I did my practice for the water cycle, I finished with half an hour to spare, so I knew I had time to make it more detailed. It always takes longer to do things the first time around as well because you spend so much time thinking about how to achieve the results you want. If I were to paint my final piece again, I would also paint my chest slightly differently, I may actually do it when I have some time just to satisfy my own curiosity! I would make more of the larger flower petals, make them bigger so they were behind the greenery, simplify the smaller flower petals, and give the whole chest piece a more defined edge. I might also slightly alter the placement of the bubbles on my face to give more of an impression of a skull.

I hope this has been interesting for you, I have really enjoyed seeing the creations from other competitors, and can't wait to paint again on Friday!

Mazz x

Flower Crown by Flower Crown Magic

Mazz is a Sheffield based Face Painter and Body Artist, helping to bring your guests together, and create lasting memories across South Yorkshire and the Peak District.

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