World Body Painting Festival, Brush and Sponge Body Painting Competition

Wow, last week was absolutely crazy! I competed both in the World Face Painting Competition, and the World Brush and Sponge Body Painting Competition, and am so pleased with what I created! This week I'm going to talk about my entry for the body painting competition, and if you would like to read about my face painting piece, click here.

The theme for the body painting competition was 'Psychedelic Circus' and the concept I arrived at was 'From Freak Show to Expressive Art Form.' I wanted to show how much what we know as 'Circus' has changed, from exploitation and manipulation to performance art. It was also a metaphor for 2 sides of a psychedelic trip, a good trip and a bad trip. Unlike the Face Painting Competition, this was actually the first idea I arrived at, which is pretty unusual for me. I normally like to think through a number of ideas before arriving at my final design because I'm worried about doing anything too obvious, but I could clearly visualise my design pretty early on for this one. Of course it went through a couple of tweaks along the way, and there are a couple of things I might do differently, but that is always the case. Below I have included a couple of my favourite shots. As this was my first time competing in the professional category, I wasn't expecting much, and with over 150 entries, I fully expected to be near the bottom, having not scored well when I competed a few years ago in the amateur category. I actually placed 50th, and honestly couldn't believe what I was seeing when I was reading through the results!

I am gutted not to be able to go next year, but I have my fingers crossed that I will be able to make it for 2022

Mazz x

P.S No Social Distancing/ Lockdown rules were broken in the painting of this design. My model was my husband and I did all of the photography.

Mazz is a Sheffield based Face Painter and Body Artist, helping to bring your guests together, and create lasting memories across South Yorkshire and the Peak District.

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