I want to be painted, but please don’t paint my face!

I love coming to paint at your events. Sometimes guests can be hesitant to be one of the first people painted, but generally once one or 2 guests have had their face painted (and people can see that I’m not going to give them a full face dragon, although it does sometimes happen!) I get flooded with the rest of your guests wanting to have their faces painted.

Animal Print Face Paint and Body Art

Now, because it’s a special event, a lot of your guests put a lot of effort into their makeup, and can be nervous about having their face painted because of that, or if it’s hot, they’re worried about it sweating off or touching their face. Sometimes people just love what they’ve had painted on their face and want something matching somewhere else. Never fear! There is so much more space for me to take up and make your guests look awesome!

Butterfly Body Art

I generally take inspiration from what your guests are wearing. If your guest is wearing a low neckline, the chest is always a great space for me to paint, especially when it’s to compliment a design I’ve already painted on the face. Another great space if the guests outfit allows is the back. For guests that want something more subtle, or if they’re wearing an outfit with a higher neckline, Tops of arms or wrists and forearms are also very popular choices. I’ve also painted thighs, topless torso’s, and the odd cheeky bum!

Floral Face and Body Art

I hope this has been useful to anyone who has concerns about guests who might not want to have their faces painted! If you do have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

Mazz x

Mazz is a Sheffield based Face Painter and Body Artist, helping to bring your guests together, and create lasting memories across South Yorkshire and the Peak District.

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